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EXO Comeback Showcase ; video list
if they had blogs
Xiumin: will have extremely long hiatuses and when he blogs, it will be cute things
Luhan: posts mostly football, basketball and sports and reblogs everything from Xiumin
Kris: music, art, fashion, weird things that make you go "wat."
Suho: nature. lots and lots of nature, exercises and things to keep you healthy
Chanyeol: music, bands, fashion and himself
Baekhyun: makeup, hair, and cute animals and girls in cute outfits or colourful hair, lots of his things will be pale pastel colours
Lay: deep emotional stuff, music, lots and lots of quotes that make you question your life decisions, rarely he will post cute animals
Chen: you will be rick roll'd a lot, lots of funny things, his blog will be where you go when you want to smile
D.O.: he will be one of those blogs that has a url you want but hasn't been active in 10 years
Kai: dancing gifs, ballet, videos of people dancing, music that give him inspiration to dance, his own dance videos, he will tag things as "going to learn this", "this looks so hard to do but I want to try", "took me forever to learn to do this" etc.
Tao: himself, fashion, himself, music, himself listening to music, himself in fashion
Sehun: cute things, cute girls, embarrassing photos of people, and photos of his hyungs